Main Features of MePIS RM Software for Digitalization of Recipe Management in Life Sciences Industry

Challenges and risks associated with the recipe management process in the life sciences industry can be overcome by the introduction of MePIS RM software solution.

MePIS RM is off-the-shelf software for central recipe management. It is recipe development, life cycle management, download engine, and storage platform all in one. It allows users to speed up the preparation, approval, and download of recipes to the selected process systems, wherever, whenever, using your favorite device (computer, tablet, or mobile).

Moreover, it provides multiple innovative features to the users:

Full recipe life cycle support. MePIS RM features the entire recipe life cycle, including creation, approval, versioning, activation, deactivation, download to machines and equipment, and central storage, as well as tracking of all activities related to the recipe life cycle. 

Electronic approval and life cycle workflow. MePIS RM includes a fully configurable approval workflow to guide all stakeholders through the process. The recipe can be approved (with electronic signature) from practically anywhere through the web access.

Autonomous machine functioning. Once users download a recipe to a machine, it functions autonomously. There is no need for additional recipe approval or recipe selection on the device. At that stage, MePIS RM does not influence recipe execution; it just monitors it.

Easier work with templates. MePIS RM allows users to create recipes from templates that define the basic steps of the operations and parameters. Users can also copy an existing one to create a new one and change the parameters.

High degree of flexibility. MePIS RMcan adapt to end-users through several configurable modules – approval workflow, notification engine, and user interface.

Class-based recipes. The system enables users to write only one recipe and download it to multiple machines of the same type.

Audit trail for recipe management. For all process steps of recipe management, a full audit trail is implemented on each recipe parameter and action – who, when, what, why.

Central storage and versioning. The central data storage enables users to store recipes safely. New versions of recipes can be created, and MePIS RM ensures versioning for each recipe.

Delayed activation. For each approved recipe, users can set the activation and deactivation time.

Security. Access and rights to manage recipes can be limited to a specific group of employees. Asset-based security is also implemented, which means that users are able to view only parts of the application for which they were assigned rights.

Centralized recipe management with MePIS RM is a perfect example of production process optimization through digital transformation.