Operative excellence (OPEX)

Improve production efficiency and make use of immediate possibilities for reducing cost

By combining the advanced technological solution for measuring numerous key performance indicators at production level, MePIS OPEX and operative consulting for the development of improvement measures within a single project it is possible to have an in-depth overview of the production processes and generate immediate savings due to improved productivity.

Key features:

  • Information system for improving productivity at production level MePIS OPEX
  • Detailed overview of current and historical events at production lines
  • Wide array of the most important operative and strategic performance parameters regarding production efficiency, including OEE and maintenance KPIs
  • Tool for basic inspection and advanced analytics (OLAP)
  • Identification of critical areas and quantification of losses
  • Downtime detection based on real time data from manufacturing equipment
  • Flexible downtime classification system
  • Consulting for the development of measures for reducing losses and enhancing productivity
  • Support for the implementation of measures
  • Intuitive use of systems for different users – from operators to managers
  • Generating customized reports
  • Informing and alarming of key users (including maintenance personnel)
  • Interface to other systems (ERP)
  • Combination of automatic and manual data acquisition
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