Ensure full control over manufacturing processes

The MePIS MES solution makes it easy to manage material flow control and operator activities within the manufacturing process and to control the effectiveness of machines and staff. This way it is possible to provide documented control over the manufacturing process, better utilization of resources and higher quality of products.

Key features:

  • Manufacturing information system MePIS MES and MePIS LS
  • Material Flow Control
  • Traceability of materials and operator activities
  • Managing production warehouses
  • Embedded Workflow mechanism
  • Guiding operators according to the workflow
  • Advanced production reports
  • Tracking manufacturing time consumption (operators, equipment)
  • Data analysis tools
  • Interface to real time data from the manufacturing equipment and system
  • Interface with other IT systems (ERP, WMS,…)
  • 100% web application
References: Belupo, Danfoss, Droga Kolinska/Atlantic Grupa, JGL, Mona Naturprodukte, Proconi, TPV Group, Trimo

For users in the life science industry:

  • MES solution MePIS LS
  • Comprehensive MBR/EBR functionality
  • Weighing solutions – MFC support
  • Automated »workflow« mechanism
  • Electronic batch records
  • Electronic equipment logbooks
  • GMP compliance
  • Following GAMP 5 recommendations
  • Compliance with EU Annex 11/21 CFR Part 11
References: Belupo, Bosnalijek, JGL, Krka, Lek/Sandoz/Novartis, Pliva/Teva