Workflow engine

Orchestrate your processes by using computer controlled workflow

Computer controlled workflow (Workflow Engine) is integrated into several solutions of the MePIS family. You can also use it as an independent component. It enables you a computer-controlled directing of manual operator activities, an orchestration of autonomous and automated process systems as well as triggering predefined action.

Key features:

  • Users can configure their own workflows
  • Controlling the performance of the processes and individual operations
  • View into the current process situation
  • Overview of conditions for moving the process to the next step
  • Graphical guidance of operators
  • Parallel performance of various activities
  • Option for automatic performance of activities
  • Key user benefits
    • Less human errors
    • Higher level of automation
  • Intuitive graphical interface for work process planning
  • Based on 100% web technology
References: Alkaloid, Belupo, JGL

For users in the life science industry:

  • Compliance with GMT recommendations
  • Compliance with GAMP 5
  • Basis for paperless production
  • Integrated in MePIS LS as a component for process execution system according to MBR
  • Integrated in MePIS RM as a recipe life cycle management system
  • Audit Trail
  • 21 CFR Part 11/Annex 11 compliance
References: Alkaloid, Belupo, JGL