MePIS GenCode

Serialization and

Easily meet anti-counterfeiting and Track & Trace technical and regulatory requirements

MePIS GenCode is a complete solution for Serialization and Aggregation (L0-L4). It consists of L3 & L4 MePIS GenCode software and L0-L2 software and hardware components, which are powered by Inel. It seamlessly integrates into the existing IT environment and with MAH/CMO.

MePIS GenCode is a battle-proven solution that meets all regulatory requirements (e.g. CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11) and has delivered proven value in the production of companies in numerous countries (e.g. European Union, Russia, Ukraine). It can be provided as a turnkey solution that includes everything from integration to packaging lines and reporting to hubs. We can also provide complete validation life cycle documentation and consulting support.

MePIS GenCode is an excellent Track & Trace solution for combating counterfeit medicine and other products.

There are three product options for serialization and aggregation, depending on the size and needs of a manufacturing plant:

  • MePIS GenCode Basic for production environments with manual packing.
  • MePIS GenCode Standard for mid-sized production environments with a combination of manual and automatic packing.
  • MePIS GenCode Premium for large-scale production environments with automatic packing.