Automation of HVAC and energy systems in industry

Ensure effective operation of your HVAC systems and gain control of key ambient parameters.

Automation and process control solutions provided by Metronik, related to heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting can provide adequate conditions for manufacturing, improved safety, easier system maintenance and energy efficiency.
dashboard-showing-Automated-HVAC-system-for-optimal ambient conditions and energy-consumption-in-production

Key features:

industry solutions (pharmaceutical, clean rooms, food industry …) and buildings (office buildings, hotels, hospitals …)
  • Application of industrial equipment (SCADA iFix, GE PLC, Opto 22) in order to achieve high functionality and reliability
  • Application of dedicated building solutions (Honeywell) for controlling specific devices in buildings
  • High functionality
  • Comprehensive approach: supply of peripheral and control equipment, preparation of project documentation and performance of system integration services
  • Use of latest technologies
  • Integration of all devices into a central supervisory system
  • Managing energy consumption (MePIS Energy)
References: Belupo, Bosnalijek, Droga Kolinska/Atlantic Grupa, JGL, Krka, Lek/Sandoz/Novartis, Marifarm, Pliva/Teva

For users in the life science industry and other industries

  • High performance BMS/RMS systems
  • Providing optimal operation of energy and HVAC systems
  • Providing optimal conditions at production facilities
  • Maintenance support for energy devices
  • Supervision of all key parameters in energy systems and production premises (clean rooms)
  • Managing energy consumption (MePIS Energy)
  • GMP and/or GEP compliance
  • Following GAMP 5 recommendations
  • EU Annex 11/21 CFR Part 11 compliance
Reference: Belupo, Bosnalijek, JGL, Krka, Lek/Sandoz/Novartis, Marifarm, Pliva/Teva