Gender equality plan

Metronik has designed the first Gender Equality Plan (GEP) for the period of three years. The Gender Equality Plan provides details on objectives in 7 gender equality priority areas.

They revolve around Metronik’s key priority areas: (1) Gender in leadership and decision making , (2) Gender in recruitment and career progression (3) Organizational culture and easier combination of work-life balance , (4) Gender biases and stereotypes, (5) Sexual harassment, (6) Gender-sensitive data collection, access and processing, and (7) Gender equality institutional structures.

The documents define objectives and actions, assign responsibilities and list necessary financial and human resources to improve Gender Equality at Metronik.

This GEP includes objectives, actions, and a timeline. Under each objective, it includes clear indicators of success together with the assignment of responsibilities and the resources needed, both financial and human, to accomplish our goals in the field of Gender Equality.

The spirit of this GEP is to involve employees in a participatory deliberation process, in order to define our company’s priorities and interventions to tackle gender inequalities, promoting diversity, equal opportunities and open society.

Metronik management team

“Full GEP is availabile upon request.”