As a global company, Honeywell designs and manufactures technologies to address some of the world’s toughest challenges within the building environment. Honeywell’s experience and knowledge are found in a wide-range of solutions, from simple HVAC systems to multiple facility and management systems, all combined into one streamlined point of operation. Whether you have a single building or are a global, multi-site organization, Honeywell solutions can keep you performing at your best.

Arena NX

Arena NX is a supervisor that improves strategic decision-making by allowing optimised performance and energy-efficiency measures to reduce overall operational costs.

The supervision is based on a Niagara 4 platform and is designed to manage HVAC and non-HVAC systems such as lighting, shading, security, CCTV etc. The supervisor supports all common communication protocols, thereby integrating all systems and applications in a single structure or across multiple buildings.

Arena NX main features:

  • It utilises HTML5 to provide you real-time visualisations on nearly every device, whether desktop, tablet or mobile, thanks to its web serving capability.
  • The supervisor supports all common communication protocols (BACnet, Modbus, LON, OPC, Mbus, KNX, REST API, MQTT and many more) which makes it a safe investment for future upgrades of the system.
  • Supported energy management through benchmarking and analysis with Energy Vision tool.
  • It offers sophisticated alarm segregation, processing, escalation and routing which enables user to quickly identify and solve the problem.
  • Connectivity to external databases SQL and MySQL database and PMS systems for hotels.
  • Supported libraries and template functions for an efficient user interface engineering.
Arena NX SCADA system for graphic control and management of technical systems in buildings
Energy Vision software for energy management in buildings

Energy Vision

Energy Vision is an energy benchmarking and analysis tool, developed as integrated solution for any type of building. It enables the user to collect and manage all aspects of energy data at one central location.

It is ideal system for:

  • helping manage energy, analyse, and optimize the operation of facilities
  • measuring performance across multiple standards within your property
  • establishing an Energy Management System according to DIN EN ISO 50001

Energy Vision main features:

  • The software is built on Niagara extended (NX) using HTML5 technology and the latest cyber security standards, thereby allowing to build the browser pages you need, with whatever content you like, to suit any screen solution or device.
  • Spremljanje porabe energije, ključnih kazalnikov (KPI-jev). Monitoring of energy consumption and KPIs.
  • Weather normalized consumption data (Heating/Cooling degree-days)
  • Dashboards for quick overview of building energy consumption status.
  • Charts and numerical data visualization: daily/monthly/annual consumption, charts, bars, regression analysis, heat map…
  • Automatically generated customized energy reports sent to user via e-mail.
  • Energy ranking to compare performance of your sites, buildings and plants.
  • Conversion of consumption values into real cost figures in €.
  • Ability to connect to weather data services.
  • Energy contribution and associated costs for different users, zones, buildings, or time periods.

Eaglehawk NX

EAGLEHAWK NX is an extremely powerful controller running heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) plants. Plus, it seamlessly integrates other building applications in various types of buildings: education, office buildings, healthcare, hospitality, sports facilities, shopping centers, multiapartment buildings etc.

It is suitable for all sizes of buildings: from small systems (small heat plants, air handling units etc.) to multi-building facilities (systems with multiple controllers).

Eaglehawk NX includes 26 on-board IOs with an option to extend it with additional IO modules. It supports all most common building automation protocols (Bacnet, Modbus, KNX, DALI…) which gives user ability to connect and translate data from nearly any device or system – optimizing energy consumption and the overall operational cost of your building.

Eaglehawk NX main features:

  • Complete control of HVAC and non-HVAC systems through single supervisor, which is running on the controller's web server. It utilizes HTML5 technology.
  • Alarm notifications in case of failure or abnormal system operation via e-mail and sms notifications enable user to quickly solve the problem.
  • Remote control access give user freedom to work on other tasks while still having complete overview of system's operation.
  • Energy management software running directly on the controller.
  • Included libraries and template functions for an efficient user application engineering and optimal operations of the systems.
Eaglehawk NX controller for automation of energy systems in buildings
Hawk 8000 compact IoT controller for building control and management

Hawk 8000

HAWK 8000 is an extremely powerful IoT controller and integration platform. Designed to reduce operating costs, the controller utilises the CentraLine NX platform to connect multiple and diverse HVAC and non-HVAC devices and systems on one unified platform.

Controller supports most common building automation protocols (Bacnet, Modbus, KNX, DALI, OPC, LON, MQTT, OBIX…)

Hawk 8000 main features:

  • Data gateway between HVAC systems (air-handling units, heating plants, room control etc.) and other non-HVAC system (lighting, security, CCTV etc.) even if they support different communication protocols. All system are integrated into one single smart building system.
  • The controller is equipped with HTML 5 and Wi-Fi, which enables you to access your system data via Ethernet or wireless LAN from anywhere, at any time.
  • Visualization of all systems via intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Numerous supported protocols make Hawk 8000 a future proof controller for integrating new systems in the future.
  • A full suite of energy management functions and report options is available for the HAWK 8000 as Energy Vision plugin.
  • Alarm notifications in case of failure or abnormal system operation via e-mail and sms notifications enable user to quickly solve the problem.

Merlin NX

Merlin NX is a new innovative room management system that supports any application requirement across heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) as well as lighting and shading controls for higher energy efficiency.
Merlin NX main features:
  • Up to 24 IO (inputs/outputs) on a single controller.
  • Freely programmable controller allows creation of any application and common control strategies across HVAC and non-HVAC systems (lighting and shades).
  • A built-in Modbus interface for a simple integration of Modbus devices such as sensors, I/O modules for light and blind controls, meters, wall modules and much more.
  • Flexible expansion of room control systems thanks to its Modbus I/O extensions.
  • Ability to use any Modbus wall panel on the market.
  • Included preprogramed applications for most common applications enable fast commissioning and reliable operation.
  • BACnet MS/TP based MERLIN NX and its features enable an economically feasible installation and commissioning for both new construction and refurbishments.
Merlin NX programmable room controller for controlling devices in rooms and ensuring optimal ambient conditions

Integrated automation in buildings

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Integration of technical systems for building automation
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