IIoT platform for machine builders and machine users

Ensure higher machine availability and lower operating costs

The IIoT360 cloud platform enables machine builders and industrial companies to gain detailed insights into the operations of their machines by extracting data from the machines, securely transferring it to the cloud, and processing it in the cloud with advanced analytical tools.

During their operations, machines are exposed to constant loads and wear and tear, which affect their performance and cause malfunctions. Regular maintenance and a reactive response to breakdowns only solves part of the problem.

For significant improvements in machine availability, which on the one hand creates significant added value for industrial companies and on the other brings financial and non-financial positive effects for machine builders, the cooperation of both sides is necessary.

IIoT360 cloud platform at a glance:

  • Modular and comprehensive IIoT system (data acquisition, transfer, storage, analytics/reporting/data export – integration with other IT systems)
  • Powerful functional modules activated according to user needs (Infrastructure/Basic, Operational Monitoring, Maintenance Support, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence)
  • Carefully selected infrastructure elements (edge device, data transfer, cloud), managed according to the latest IT, OT and security standards (ISO 27001)
  • Guaranteed security in data acquisition, transfer and processing, based on the most advanced cyber and data security standards
  • Continuous data recording, even in the case of the occasional loss of connection (store&forward)
  • Prijazen uporabniški vmesnik s prilagodljivimi prikazi, ki jih uporabnik lahko sam nastavlja
  • Automatic triggering of alarms and notifications according to the set conditions
  • Friendly user interface with flexible dashboards that users can configure by themselves
  • Integrated system for managing the rights and accesses of users and devices
  • Structured and secure storage of all collected machine data according to the strictest industry standards

The IIoT platform enables users to design unique displays or data overviews that differ from standard dashboards without any programming, as the application is fully configurable.

The application is available through all standard web browsers and does not require any additional installation. It is accessible and adapted for all mobile devices, such as computers, smartphones and tablets.

Machine data is strictly separated per machine builders and users, and can only be accessed by users with the appropriate rights.

The IIoT360 platform provides significant benefits to both machine manufacturers and industrial companies as users – find out more at this link