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The Telekom Slovenije Group is among the most comprehensive communication service providers in South-Eastern Europe. The Group’s activities include fixed and mobile communications services, digital content and services, multimedia services and digital advertising, system integration and cloud computing services, construction and maintenance of telecommunications networks, and conservation of natural and cultural heritage in the Sečovlje Saltpans Regional Park.


Telekom Slovenije has more than 200 locations distributed across Slovenia. To ensure uninterrupted operation of the telecommunication network, all sites have to work uninterruptedly and have to be therefore constantly monitored, data from the sites has to be archived and analysed. If problem occurs, maintenance personnel has to receive immediate alarm to their personal mobile devices.

Data from each location is provided via the telecommunication network using 191 distributed OPTO 22’s PAC R1 controllers, characterised by high reliability, protection against power disturbances and powerful communication options. Apart from the assessment of the ambient conditions within the facilities the PAC R 1 controllers also communicate data on the consumption of electric power at the locations allocated to the lessees, supervision of the operation of the UPS systems and other devices like air-conditioners, diesel generators, inverters, local batteries, access control, opening doors etc….

The complete system continuously acquires more than 40,000 measurements and data from all remote sites, which are available to the telecom operators.


The control system is based on the geographically redundant SCADA iFix software which continuously acquires data such us status of energy supply, status of air conditioning, energy consumption, power etc. from all sites in two management centres located in Ljubljana and in Maribor in order to ensure higher security. At both centres, a redundant Historian is installed for continuous acquisition and long-time storage of data, which are accessible through Web server by the maintenance personnel which are located in all Slovene regions.


The maintenance staff of Telekom Slovenije is now virtually instantly receiving alarms on any occurring defect or error at any of the 200 sites. Therefore upon any alarm the staff can immediately take measures and eliminate errors much faster than before. The system has considerably increased the reliability of the operation of the telecommunication network and provided transparency regarding the consumption of energy by individual network users. The solution is based on open and globally proven technologies (GE Digital, Opto 22) providing users with a high level of functionality, modular approach with the option of subsequent solutions and enhancements as well as long-term safety of the investment.

The system uses the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) principle for linking and transfer of data from remote locations to the centre and represents a fine example how to generate added value for users by using the latest technologies.

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