Logotip Belupo
Belupo, established in 1971, is the second largest pharmaceutical company in Croatia. It is a modern pharmaceutical company both from the technological, marketing as well as development aspect, keeping up with developments and highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry.


An internal analysis at Belupo has shown that the production has become too extensive to be managed without an advanced IT support. At the same time Belupo wanted to decrease the possibility of human errors, accelerate time consuming introduction of new products and simplify the process of achieving regulatory compliance. Their aim was to make the production processes more flexible, better documented and less prone to human errors.

Therefore, considering the identified goals regarding quality and meeting of high standard by local and international regulatory bodies, Belupo decided to invest into the implementation of Metronik’s MePIS LS manufacturing IT system, MES system for the pharmaceutical industry.


Osnovo sistemu MePIS LS predstavlja modul za upravljanje elektronskih tehnoloških postopkov (MBR). Poleg tega modula je v sistemu lahko vključen še modul za izvajanje centralnega tehtanja surovin ali pa modul za izvajanje vseh proizvodnih postopkov, kot so mešanje, polnjenje, granulacija, tabletiranje, pakiranje ipd.

The responsible persons prepare, check and confirm (sign electronically) electronic operating procedures and later activate work orders based on these procedures. During production, the technicians and operators only trigger and confirm the predefined functions. MePIS LS can be integrated with various manufacturing equipment and systems thus enabling automatic transfer and acquisition of production data.

At Belupo, Metronik has implemented the complete MePIS LS solution. On the plant floor, the modules for the preparation of MBRs and EBRs are in full use. The process of weighing is managed in eight weighing chambers equipped by a total of seventeen scales.


The MePIS LS system provided Belupo with an advanced solution for the support of paperless production and improved compliance with good manufacturing practice (GMP). Due to better managing and optimization of the production process and procedures, lower possibility of human errors (electronic work instructions, the operators are guided throughout the process, all actions are documented), faster introduction of new products and compliance with the most advanced regulatory requirements Belupo can adapt faster to market requirements and pursue its ambitious growth strategy.

slika sistema MePIS LS