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Danfoss'es uncompromising focus on quality, reliability and innovation allows them to help their customers create a more sustainable world by delivering smart and energy efficient products, services and solutions.


The essence of understanding productivity and effectiveness is hidden in understanding losses within the process. At Danfoss, they became aware that invisible losses need to be made visible, measured and assessed in order to improve productivity of the manufacturing process. The company adopted the decision to implement the MePIS OPEX for management of production efficiency in production sites in Slovenia and China. Besides improving productivity they also wanted to compare key performance indicators regarding efficiency between the production sites in Slovenia and China.


The MePIS OPEX features downtime detection is based on actual measurements on the manufacturing machinery. A wide portfolio of the key performance indicators regarding manufacturing efficiency is displayed in customized reports, which can be viewed also on user-friendly screens featuring advanced visualisation. Due to its inherent multilanguage support, all user interfaces of MePIS OPEX have been translated into Chinese.


By gathering information from the manufacturing machinery automatically, the MePIS OPEX system enabled Danfoss a quick and efficient identification of losses and downtimes as well as their elimination. In any moment, without any additional workload the operators may get an in-depth perspective into the efficiency of the production and can compare it with the site in China. Based on the acquired key performance indicators Danfoss can also implement improvement measures to achieve productivity increase and gain immediate savings.