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Since its formation in 1961 Trimo has established itself as one of Europe’s leading companies developing original and complete building envelope solutions (facades and roofs), steel constructions and modular space solutions. The company has production sites in Slovenia, Serbia, Russia and the United Arab Emirates as well as daughter companies and branch offices in more than 20 countries in the world.


Trimo was looking for a higher level of transparency regarding the manufacturing processes and better understanding of the reasons for losses, which would lead to an enhanced productivity and higher production quality.


The standard MePIS OPEX system has been installed and integrated with previously implemented MePIS MES. MePIS OPEX detects downtime events based on acquired data from the manufacturing equipment, measures planned and produced quantities and acquires information regarding the quality of products. The reasons for downtime are partially recorded automatically and partially classified manually by operators. Such data is the basis for the calculation of key performance indicators (KPIs) including OEE. MePIS OPEX has been configured so that it allows standardized overview of all four lines. Apart from standard displays Metronik also prepared dedicated screens and calculations of performance indicators specific to the production at Trimo, for example line speed. Implemented system is the typical example of how the Industry 4.0 concept works in practice.


By monitoring the key production performance indicators at Trimo the production process can be managed much better and efficiently than before. The reasons for losses in the production are known and instantly available to the operators and managers. The elimination of losses results in improved productivity of the production and immediate cost reduction. The MePIS OPEX system also enables Trimo to perform subsequent analyses, making production planning easier.
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