Zero carbon footprint as a precondition for competitiveness of manufacturing companies

One of the key global challenges today are the climate changes. To help fight them, more and more manufacturing companies and other organizations are actively working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

In most ambitious manufacturing companies, they intend to achieve zero carbon footprint, and to do that, they must take into account both direct emissions caused by themselves and indirect emissions that occur along their supply chain. Thus, carbon management is becoming a topic relevant not only for large corporations, but also for many other companies which are or aim to be their suppliers.

This means that the pressure on manufacturers will continue to increase in the coming years, as the carbon footprint will become an essential factor for their competitiveness.

Biggest part of greenhouse emissions are caused by energy consumption in the industry

Out of approximately 50 billion tons of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere each year, about three-quarters are generated by energy consumption, of which more than 24 percent is in the industry.

This shows that the rational energy consumption is a fundamental condition for reducing emissions and carbon footprint.

The guidelines for systematic energy management are described in the ISO 50001 standard and include three key phases. The first is identifying areas in companies where energy consumption is highest. After that comes implementation of measures to improve energy efficiency. And finally, there is continuous monitoring and reduction of consumption.

Rising prices putting additional pressure on energy consumption optimization

In the industry, in addition to digitization and coronavirus, the most frequently discussed topic recently has undoubtedly been energy, and for several reasons. The main reason are soaring energy prices, which do not show any signs of normalization and which directly impact production costs. Despite increasing product prices and possible government subsidies, most producers will have to find solutions to higher energy prices by reducing their energy consumption.

For any kind of improvements mentioned above, reliable and properly processed data is required, which can only be obtained with the energy information system.


Reduce consumption, costs and carbon footprint in production with MePIS Energy

Based on years of experience, Metronik has developed its energy management solution, which is tailored to the needs of manufacturing – MePIS Energy. It includes all functionalities required for managing and reducing energy consumption.

MePIS Energy enables users to detect and eliminate hidden energy losses, and improves visibility for key stakeholders in energy consumption to shorten response times and carry out effective measures.

It provides manufacturing companies with real-time transparency and in-depth understanding of the causes of losses, as well as targeted monitoring of energy consumption with the help of proven techniques (e.g. M&T, CuSum).

With implementation of MePIS Energy you will gain:

  • comprehensive overview of energy consumption in production processes and buildings
  • collection and robust storage of all energy consumption data in one place
  • quick detection of anomalies and ability to eliminate unnecessary consumption in real-time
  • effective energy management at all levels of the organization, from operations to management
  • enduring reduction of energy consumption and costs by 15 percent and more
  • easier achieving of regulations regarding greenhouse gas emissions and related reporting
  • the basis for setting objectives and verifying the effectiveness of measures following ISO 50001, ISO 14001, and ISO EN 16001
  • solid foundation for effective carbon management and maintaining competitiveness in international supply chains

Experience of MePIS Energy users confirms that significant energy losses are identified and cut soon after its implementation, resulting in immediate savings. That is why, in most cases, the investment in MePIS Energy pays back in less than a year!

Moreover, with structured approach and measures, further improvements are ensured on the long run.

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