Key Benefits of Operational Excellence Platform MePIS OPEX in Manufacturing

The operational excellence platform is the crucial precondition for improving manufacturing efficiency and productivity in life science and other production companies. With it, producers can gain a comprehensive overview of manufacturing processes, identify and tackle loss factors, streamline processes, decrease costs, reduce deviations and generally improve manufacturing KPIs.

MePIS OPEX is an advanced operational excellence solution, which on top of the abovementioned benefits, delivers value also in other areas:

Gain real-time transparency. Information about the current performance of production lines and machine statuses is available to key stakeholders in real-time, enabling live monitoring.

Minimize downtimes. Real-time time information from production lines presents the basis for a swift response to anomalies and minimization of stoppages.

Improve the quality of data. Digitalize data collection to obtain an accurate basis for analyses and avoid time-consuming, error-prone paper-based logbooks.

Identify (hidden) losses and their drivers. Analysis of performance through over 20 objective operational and strategic manufacturing KPIs in MePIS OPEX enables a deep understanding of process drivers, which helps users identify loss factors and quantify their impact.

Develop optimization initiatives. Based on analytical insights from the system, optimization initiatives can be developed to eliminate process waste, increase throughput and generate cost savings. Implementation progress and the impact can be then monitored through the application (feedback loop).

Motivate line workers. Informative TV screens provide a live status of production lines and give line workers instant feedback on their performance (e.g. versus other shifts).

Improve cooperation across departments. Prompt availability of key manufacturing data to all stakeholders shortens response times and improves collaboration among different departments (e.g. operations – maintenance).

Leverage AI. MePIS OPEX can be upgraded with an artificial intelligence extension module to extract more value from the gathered data (e.g. preventive alarming) and further improve decision-making.

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