Innovative IIoT solution for higher machine uptime and lower operating costs

IIoT cloud platform is the result of R&D cooperation between Metronik and Telekom Slovenije

In an increasingly technologically demanding and competitive business environment, many industrial companies are looking for hidden reserves to improve business efficiency. An area with significant potential is the uptime/availability of machines, with analyses showing that with proper actions in this area, productivity can be increased by more than 10 percent.

Data on machine performance is a valuable resource for improving machine uptime. In the recent past, extracting this data and drawing any conclusions from it was technologically complex and expensive, but today, thanks to the progress of IIoT technologies (Industrial Internet of Things), this can be done much more easily and efficiently.

To achieve a leap in productivity, cooperation between machine manufacturers and end-users is necessary. Based on precise machine operation data, which we process into understandable information, it is possible to solve even the most demanding challenges, such as increasing machine availability by preventing breakdowns before they happen, achieving optimal ways of using machines and developing new generations of machines for greater efficiency.

All this can be achieved with the help of the cutting-edge IIoT solution for the acquisition and processing of machine performance data, which is powered by Metronik and Telekom Slovenije.

An efficient solution for machine manufacturers and users

The innovative IIoT platform enables data acquisition, transfer, storage, processing and display for monitoring machine performance and optimizing of operations.

IIoT platform consists of five key components, which are flexible and modular, offering manufacturers and machine users tailored solutions to their challenges:

  • Core module: It ensures data extraction, preparation and transfer to a central cloud repository, as well as its processing into useful information, which users can also export to any third-party system.
  • Operational Monitoring module: It is intended for the monitoring of machines, notifications for events, KPI calculations, analysis of efficiency and loss factors, and storage of all necessary operational documentation.
  • Maintenance Support module: It provides comprehensive support for maintenance processes, including management of maintenance activities, history of performance and interventions, alarming, and storage for machine maintenance documentation.
  • Advanced Analytics module: It enables the creation of customized reports for different needs, comparisons of machine operations at various locations, and the rapid investigation and elimination of the causes of failures, and it is the basis for additional services of machine builders (e.g. advanced maintenance).
  • Artificial Intelligence module: The AI/ML module is intended for the most advanced users. It enables the adaptation of algorithms for predictive maintenance, digital twins and augmented reality and provides the latest technological solutions to specific machines and cases.

Throughout the whole cycle, the data is protected with state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools and protocols. Moreover, in the cloud, it is strictly separated per machine builders and users, and can only be accessed by users with the appropriate rights.

IIoT platform enables users to design unique displays or data overviews that differ from standard dashboards without any programming, as the application is fully configurable.

It is available through all standard web browsers and does not require any additional installation. It is accessible and adapted for all mobile devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Benefits for machine manufacturers and end-users

With the IIoT platform, machine manufacturers can monitor machines in real-time and help users react quickly for better machine utilization and higher availability. Furthermore, they can provide new services and targeted machine upgrades. Data is also essential for faster and cheaper troubleshooting, machine maintenance and innovation/R&D.

Industrial companies gain a comprehensive overview of their machine operations, increase uptime/availability through faster reactions in case of breakdowns, and streamline production and maintenance processes, which reduces downtime and increases quality, stability and cost-effectiveness.

The innovative platform for monitoring and optimizing machine operations is the result of R&D cooperation between two leading companies in the fields of ICT and automation and digitization of industry.

Metronik is a leading provider for the automation and digitization of industrial processes, trusted by leading manufacturing and infrastructural companies in the wider European region.

Telekom Slovenije is a leading Slovenian provider of state-of-the-art ICT services and solutions, which is constantly developing and introducing innovative technological solutions to provide users with a superior network, state-of-the-art services, and an excellent user experience.