How to effectively reduce energy consumption and cut greenhouse emissions in manufacturing?

Rising energy prices are putting a strain on manufacturing, driving up costs and forcing many manufacturers to rethink their energy efficiency strategies. Furthermore, with dire predictions coming from the scientific community regarding global warming, it is imperative that the manufacturing sector also contributes and reduces its carbon footprint. This puts life science and other manufacturers in an uncomfortable position, where they simply must react and optimize energy consumption.

A proven approach to reducing energy consumption is active energy management – systematic monitoring of the consumption with key performance indicators, detecting unnecessary losses, and developing initiatives for continuous improvements. At the core of such approach lies a platform, which enables it – the energy information system.

Based on extensive experience with energy management, Metronik has developed its own advanced energy information system MePIS Energy. By automatically gathering the data from meters and other data sources, correctly processing and contextualizing it, and displaying it in user-friendly dashboards, manufacturing companies can achieve immediate savings and also systematically tackle energy consumption through long-term improvement initiatives. In many cases, the introduction of MePIS Energy has a payback of less than a year!

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