Check List: Is Your Recipe Management Process Putting You at Risk?

Every machine in the manufacturing process requires defined set of parameters for its operation often named “recipe”. Today, recipe management can require many manual actions from different stakeholders and a large amount of paper-based documentation. That can result in a high potential for mistakes and make it harder to achieve regulatory (GMP) compliance. Moreover, the process can have many inefficiencies, which result in unnecessarily high burden on employees and associated costs.

You can check whether your production is exposed to above-mentioned recipe management challenges and risks, and thus has significant improvement potential, by answering the following 7 questions:

  • Do you prepare recipes for the production of medicines on paper or in Excel, and you enter the recipe parameters manually on individual machines?
  • Do you need to engage additional employees to control manual entries on machines?
  • Does your recipe management process take too long due to involvement of many different stakeholders, unnecessary steps and lack of comprehensive control of the process?
  • Do you experience any errors and deviations connected to manual data entry and human mistakes?
  • Do you have recipe data stored on the machines or on paper?
  • Do you spend too much time collecting and preparing data for reporting to the regulatory authorities?
  • Does your recipe management process lack line security and complete audit trail?

If you answered to any question with Yes, you could be facing serious risks of inefficiencies, deviations, GMP compliance, low quality and safety.

You can solve all these challenges and risks with MePIS RM, our advanced recipe management software solution.

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