Avoid deviations, batch destructions and delays caused by human errors in recipe management

Errors and deviations occur in every manufacturing process. But when they happen in pharmaceutical industry, it means that people suffering from life-altering diseases, may not receive their medicine in time or not in the expected quality.

A typical area – which is often neglected – where errors and deviations occur, is the process of defining and setting the production parameters on the process equipment. In most pharmaceutical manufacturing sites, this process involves numerous activities of which many are performed manually and on paper (e.g. review and sign-off, versioning, storing, parameter inputting) – all while we know how such way of working exposes manufacturers to high risks for errors.

The most effective measure to mitigate such risks is digitization. By digitizing the defining and setting of production parameters, the process becomes bulletproof and error-free, what can achieve with our advanced software solution MePIS RM.

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